Tracks & Trails

Tracks, Trails

Campers drive on a wide variety of tracks and trails! Campers in our 1 program have daily driving on both dirt and asphalt! AND driving activity areas vary throughout the week! In fact, the camp has so many tracks, trails and courses, its possible to be at camp for over a week and not drive the same one twice!


These three exciting tracks can each be run as a separate autonomous track, or can be combined as a 1.02 mile track! Driving instructors have the option of a wide variety of configurations, to do track set-ups which meet the needs of each group of camper drivers. Upper and Lower tracks each have their own separate pit loading area, and these tracks can be run consecutively, each with their own autonomous driving activity taking place at the same time. Upper is .35 miles of technically challenging turns, straight-aways, corners, and quick elevations changes. Lower is a fast, curvy .34 mile track with lots of corners. And at .33 miles, the full track has long fast straight-aways with gradual elevation change, followed by quick, hard turns where you can feel the thrust of the g-forces!Full Race Track


Camp Motorsport has 20 miles of woods trails for off-road driving! With varied terrain and levels of difficulty from beginner to trails which will challenge even the most experienced off-road driver! Trails vary in lengths and drive times and can be configured for a wide variety of driving experiences, including everything from hill climbs to swamp and creek crossings!


Expanded to 1.5 miles of continuous excitement, fun, and driving challenge, the obstacle course features a wide variety of hills, dips, curves, and climbs – including an over-under bridge crossing, real moving teeter-totter, steep climbing obstacles, and water elements!


Unique to Camp Motorsport, the Dirtcross course is a motocross style racing course for our 4-wheel Baja off-road dirt karts! Just like a track built for dirt bike racing, this is a fast track with lots of hills, bumps and turns – a full mile of dirtcross driving fun! Also expanded, the dirt tracks now feature 3.5 miles of fast open dirt track driving!

Dirt Track


This 1/5 mile track is a camper favorite! The Scorpion got its name because at first glance, it looks pretty small, easy and “harmless”- BUT drivers quickly learn that this track has a sting!…. At speed, the Scorpion is a narrow, quick, highly technical track with lots of very fast turns – and comes with a “sting” for drivers not paying attention to where they enter and exit turns, brake, or accelerate…. The Scorpion is only 10 feet wide, which makes drivers have to work on and use precision driving skills. It is a great instructional and practice track, perfect for improving drive times and technical skills such as reading the track, steering inputs, braking, and accelerating. The track can be set up in a wide variety of configurations, from an easy “jelly bean” oval-shape for beginners to the full “scorpion” for experienced drivers – tail and all! It can be run both directions, and is technically challenging either way! The Scorpion track is 10 feet wide and 1/5 mile (1056 feet) long.


The dirt oval is a 20 feet wide 1/10 mile flat oval track comprised of a natural clay and sand mix. There is grass in the infield, as well as around the entire track exterior (so any karts going off track simply slide off to a level wide grassy area…) There is no fencing, tires, or barriers to come in contact with karts or drivers.

Please note that driving activities vary by program, and that not all campers in all programs utilize every track, trail or course shown/described. Driving activities vary based upon the individual skills and abilities of the camper-drivers. Activities may also change due to weather, track/trail conditions, the health or safety precautions that directly affect a particular activity, and other unforeseen conditions.