About Us

All cabin counselors are current university students with a background working with children. Applicants go through a rigorous hiring process including multiple interviews, a background check and drug testing.

Counselors go through an 8-day training program prior to any campers arriving at camp. They are trained in team-building, group-leading, child development, safety, and being sensitive to individual campers needs and life experiences. Camp logistics and the camp program are also taught and counselors participate in a number of role-playing activities to prepare for situations that could arise during the summer.

Our instructors come to Camp Motorsport from all over the United States and occasionally from overseas. We have approximately 10 instructors either teaching classes or being helpful hands as techs. Requirements for being an instructor are a Bachelors degree, a strong desire to teach and a love for working with children. We pride ourselves on hiring fun exciting people that have a strong knowledge base and want to work with children.

One of the lasting legacies of Guided Discoveries is our faculty. We serve over 55,000 students every year at our 5 facilities. With safety being one of our primary goals instructors are also required to have 1st aid, CPR-PR, and Waterfront Lifeguard certifications as well as comprehensive on-site training.

The Camp Motorsport and Guided Discoveries Alumni are far reaching with hundreds teaching in schools throughout the country. Many of our former faculty can also be found in major aquariums, national sanctuaries, and at science centers and museums throughout the US. The growth and development of Guided Discoveries is a direct result of the energy, enthusiasm and contributions of our many faculty over the years.

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-2-01-40-pmCraig Turner

Director of Motorsport Instruction

“Outdoor science education and summer camps occupy a special and much needed place in our society today.  Camps give young people the opportunity to explore and experience the natural world…while developing personal skills that will serve them well later in life.  I believe there is no better way for young people to learn about the world and about themselves than in a supportive and safe camp environment.”

Craig’s involvement with Guided Discoveries began as a child while attending Catalina Sea Camp, Astrocamp and the Tole Mour.  As a young adult, he taught sailing and automotive racing at locations including Catalina, Belize, Costa Rica and the Virginia International Raceway and saw the effect that dynamic programs could have on kids of all ages.

He began working at Guided Discoveries in 2003, serving as an instructor of Sea Camp Expeditions Belize and Costa Rica, and as an instructor and then director of Toyon Bay Yacht Club at Catalina Sea Camp.

Craig is the Director of Research and Development at Guided Discoveries, where he oversees the development of concepts, displays and the research of emerging fields.  The “toys” Craig and his crew develop help make the Guided Discoveries Experience truly unique in outdoor science education.

Craig holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego and an MBA from the University of La Verne.

Contact Craig at craig@gdi.org or 909.625.6194

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-2-00-21-pmCharlie Bueche

Program Director

“I spend my days working with people who are passionate about hanging out with kids. I live a stone’s throw away from the sea, and most importantly, I get to share my love of the ocean with my staff and watch them share theirs with the kids.  All of my best memories from the last five years have been connected to working with kids in some way. Whether it was taking kids snorkeling, watching them kiss a sea cucumber, or going on adventures with staff, all of them have been wonderful.”

Charles Bueche joined Guided Discoveries in 2009 and has served as a Marine Science Instructor and Aquarist, Assistant Program Director of Logistics, Summer Camp Director for Camp Fox YMCA Programs and Program Director at Cherry Cove and Fox Landing.
He is responsible for the safety of all students and teachers, and is charged with the hiring, training and managing the staff.

Charles worked at the Biological Field Station in Cooperstown, N.Y., during college. With a bachelor’s degree in biology from SUNY Geneseo, Charles applied for a job at CIMI with the plan to stay for two years, but, he says, little did he know about the magical draw of the island.

Charles also is a NAUI-certified rescue diver and Red Cross Lifeguard instructor.

Contact Charles at Charlie@gdi.org or 434.471.4580

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-1-55-19-pmJohn Swanwick

Summer Camp Director

“I am proud of all the summers I have spent working for camp. I was able to be a part of the positive experience summer camp can have on young people, helping guide them as they grew from quiet and shy young children into confident, intelligent and passionate young adults. Seeing the influence that summer camp can have on campers and staff alike, helps drive my passion for this industry”.

John’s career with Guided Discoveries started as a camper in 2004, at Catalina Sea Camp. He then joined as staff in 2008 as a Cabin Counselor. After 4 summers he was promoted to a Crew Chief and again in 2015 to Head Counselor. Now in his role as Summer Camp Director he is exited to bring his passion for summer camp to Virginia.

Though John grew-up in landlocked Nottingham, England, he is an avid scuba diver. He has always had an interest in space getting his first telescope at age 12. John enjoys following current space exploration missions and future colonization projects.

John got his Bachelors Degree in Management from Southampton Solent University. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors; hiking, travelling, and taking part in Obstacle Course Races.

Feel free to contact John Swanwick anytime at john@gdi.org