Health & Safety

At Camp Motorsport, the health and safety of our campers and staff is our top priority. We provide around-the-clock supervision, safety equipment, comprehensive staff training and on-site health care personnel to ensure that your camper is safe and healthy, both physically and emotionally throughout their stay at camp. Camp Motorsport will undergoe an extensive American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation process every two years, and is also a member of the Western Association of Independent Camps (WAIC). Below are the specific programs and resources we utilize to promote the health and safety of everyone in our camp community.

Health Center and Camp Nurse

A registered nurse, nurse practitioner or physician lives on site and is always available to campers and staff for first aid, the dispensing of medications, general care and TLC. All medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) are stored and dispensed through the Health Center. Additionally, all counselors and instructors are trained in general first aid and CPR and many instructors are EMTs or are trained in wilderness first aid.Our health care personnel handle all health-related issues in a confidential and professional manner.

Since we are in a remote environment, it is important that your camper’s health history and parent’s confidential report forms be filled out fully and completely. Please feel free to call our Camp Nurse or Camp Directors at any time to discuss any health-related issues. We want to work together to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your camper.

In case of illnesses, medical emergencies or situations requiring additional assistance, we have specific response plans in place. There is a pharmacy and a clinic in Idyllwild and in case of serious medical emergencies, the local EMS Paramedics are always on-call and can arrange for transport to a hospital.

Wellness and Camper Orientation

We know that campers who are healthy and well taken care of are much more likely to enjoy all activities and get the most out of camp. On the first day of camp, in both formal and informal camper orientations, the camp directors and counselors set boundaries and offer guidelines to help campers prosper in the camp environment, promote self sufficiency, and to have fun. Camp rules, guidelines for living in a group situation and the necessity of respecting other campers are clearly presented and explained. The importance of adequate rest, food, hydration, cleanliness and plenty of sunscreen are stressed from the start. Campers are encouraged to shower often, to keep their rooms clean and to keep up with personal hygiene. Throughout the session, the cabin counselors will reinforce all of these things and help their campers to stay healthy while at camp.

Additionally, the counselors, directors and health care personnel watch campers closely for indications of when a camper may need special attention. From the first day of camp on, campers are continually encouraged to talk to their counselor, the nurse, the head counselor or the Summer Camp Directors about any problems or special needs they might have, no matter how small. The camp staff wants to work with and help the campers to ensure they have a great experience at Camp Motorsport!

Counselor Supervision

Your camper will be supervised 24-hours-a-day while at Camp Motorsport. Cabin counselors are each responsible for a group of 6-8 campers. Your camper’s Cabin Counselor will live in a room adjacent to your camper’s room and supervise the group during all non-program time. In addition, each cabin counselor is very attentive to their campers’ day-to-day needs and strives to build their group into a team that can hangout together and support each other. The Head Counselor, Assistant Summer Camp Director and Summer Camp Director all provide support and assistance to the Cabin Counselors and are always available to provide additional assistance to individual campers. All Cabin Counselors attend an 8-day training session at the beginning of the summer before the campers arrive. Counselors are trained in emergency procedures, team building, working with campers and understanding health and safety issues.

Safety at Programs

At Camp Motorsport, your camper will participate in a wide range of classes. We provide exceptional instruction and supervision by instructors trained in their specific program area. Campers and staff are required to follow safety guidelines for each activity and relevant safety equipment such as helmets, life preservers, harnesses, etc. are always used. All instructors are trained in first-aid and CPR and all water activities are supervised by trained, certified lifeguards. Two-way radios are positioned at each program area and throughout camp for communication with the office, health center and camp directors.