Driving Safety

As a summer camp, we are committed to providing an environment where campers develop healthy self-esteem, feel accepted, connected, and emotionally secure, and have the freedom to try and learn without worrying about failure. Driving activities are conducted in a manner that supports this type of positive environment.

At Camp Motorsport, we challenge each camper to discover his or her own driving skills and abilities. Campers are encouraged to set goals and “compete” with themselves; to improve their skills and judge their performance on their own progress, rather than comparing their skills to others. Driving activities are conducted in a supportive environment designed to empower campers to achieve their goals, and staff provide performance feedback that focuses on the campers individual progress. Additionally, most of our driving activities are conducted in open areas, free of rails or walls, which help campers avoid the fear of making mistakes, and reduces the opportunities for accidents.

Safe Driving Instruction
For most people, driving is something they will do just about every day for the duration of their adult life. Too many kids are injured in car accidents each year because they haven’t had proper training in quality driving techniques. It is our mission to help instill safe, positive driving habits that will transfer to driving a car on the street.

Camp Motorsport teaches defensive driving, including skills to improve reaction time, emotional intelligence, accident avoidance, and driving on various road conditions, all designed to help kids & teens begin to develop safe driving habits…the habits that they will apply driving “regular” cars on the street.

Driving instruction at camp is designed to help make your children better, safer drivers by teaching them that they can have more fun in a car by understanding and applying car control techniques than by focusing on speed as an indicator of performance. Instructors keep the focus of driving on precision, driving in-control, and confidence building.

Campers learn safe handling dynamics, such as proper hand position and visual focus, and defensive driving, including exercises in braking, making lane changes, and accident avoidance. As they progress, campers are given opportunities to bring together all of the different elements of skill they have learned and practiced.

The Cars/Karts
Campers drive several types of vehicles, on various road conditions, each specifically selected for their safe operation by children and teens. Cars and karts are “to scale”, so they are suitable for use for all size drivers. We have smaller “kids size” vehicles for our younger campers, as well as those suitable for our taller teens…

For paved surface driving, Camp Motorsport uses racing go karts. For off-road (dirt, grass and trail)driving, they drive off-road dirt karts. Safety features of vehicles include appropriate roll cages or roll bars, tubular construction, and racing harness/seatbelt systems.

Safety Orientation
Each camper participates in a safety orientation, which includes learning about the safety elements of the vehicles, driving procedures, and rules. Campers must demonstrate an understanding of the rules and procedures prior to being permitted to operate a vehicle.

Speed Restriction
All of our race courses have been designed to limit top speed, with little ability for excessive acceleration. Safe speeds are additionally controlled by car set-up and mechanical configuration. And, our instructors put emphasis on precision driving, and speed is de-emphasized.

Safety Equipment
Campers are required to use the seatbelt/harness and wear a full face helmet and neck restraint at all times when driving. (Campers who bring their own gear are required to have it inspected by the Driving Manager. The camp reserves the right to deny the use of any personal equipment that they consider unsafe.)

Safety Checks
Prior to driving, each camper is required to put their safety gear on and ensure that everything fits correctly and is secure. Only when the safety procedures are being observed, and rules understood by the camper, will the camper be given the green flag and be permitted to proceed. Additionally, each car goes through a regular routine of mechanical inspections throughout the summer – just one more step we take in making safety a priority!

Safety Expectations of Campers
Safe driving requires that our campers work on developing emotional intelligence, practice accident avoidance, and develop safe driving habits. We encourage, and expect, our camper-drivers to take personal responsibility for their actions, and to use good decision making. We have a strict policy that campers who make the choice not to follow the safety rules make the choice not to drive. We use logical consequences at camp; camper-drivers who make poor choices in their driving behavior will be pulled from driving activities to sit out for an appropriate amount of time. Campers who repeat unsafe behaviors and/or are deliberate in unsafe actions behind the wheel will be sent home, without refund or pro-rating of fees.