Driving Philosophy

We Take Driving Instruction Beyond Racing: Safe Teen Driver Education
For most people, driving is something they will do every day for the duration of their adult life. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for American teenagers. At Camp Motorsport, we want to help reduce those numbers. The curriculum not only teaches kids how to drive in a racing environment, we help kids translate those skills to learn to be good drivers for their future, day-to-day driving, beyond whatever they might do in racing. Instruction focuses on precision and confidence building, where young drivers learn safe handling dynamics, such as proper hand position, visual focus, and defensive driving. Activities include exercises in braking, lane changes, skills to improve reaction time, driving on various road conditions, and accident avoidance, all designed to help teens develop safe driving habits.

We Specialize in Teaching Children & Teens
Working with kids is our business. In addition to being professionals in the racing instructional field, we are also professionals in youth development. Our staff have years of experience in working directly with children and teens-and a genuine desire to do so! All are trained in skills areas for working with youth, such as child development, teambuilding, behavior management, and education.

Educational brain research clearly shows that youth and teens process information differently than adults, and learn best in environments that utilize teaching styles that specifically cater to where they are developmentally. Driving curriculum at Camp Motorsport takes into consideration the differences between kids and teens, such as in attention spans, coordination, emotional intelligence, physical development, emotional maturity, etc., and utilizes various teaching styles that best meet the learning needs of youth. Additionally, campers are placed in driving activities by age and experience, so driving activities are not only suitable to the skill level of the driver, but also physically, socially, and emotionally appropriate as well.

We Are Suitable For Kids At All Skill Levels
We take kids at all levels, from never-evers to those with many competitive hours behind the wheel, and take great care to create a balanced program, where each camper is challenged, in a safe and controlled environment. Additionally, for the novice, camp provides an easily accessible point-of-entry into motorsports. Camp is also an affordable point-of-entry, as it is an opportunity to try racing without having to make a big financial commitment in cars, equipment, and gear.

We Are A Limited-Competition Instructional Environment
Camp Motorsport is a limited-competition environment. And, unlike some other sports programs, we do not endorse a win-at-all-costs philosophy. Although this may seem counterintuitive to some, it’s important to remember that we are an instructional program, and, that educational research shows most people don’t learn well in a competitive setting-especially kids and teens.

Motorsports are by their very definition competitive, but driving activities are conducted in a supportive environment designed to empower campers to achieve their goals, and have freedom to try and learn without worrying about failure. Campers are encouraged to “compete” with themselves; to improve their driving skills and judge their performance on their own progress, rather than judging their performance solely by comparing their skills to others. Staff give campers specific feedback on their performance, which focuses on their individual goals and areas of needed improvement, without reference to the performance of others. It is our goal that every child finds success, and has fun while doing it!

We Use Four-Wheels-And-A Seat To Teach Life Skills
Unlike a racing school, we are looking to develop the whole person, not “just” their driving skills. At our core, Camp Motorsport is first and foremost a youth development program. Sure, our campers get lots of seat time behind the wheel…but beyond the “need-for-speed”, Camp Motorsport is about transforming the lives of youth through the camp experience. We use racing as a tool in teaching skills that campers will use long after their session of camp is over. At camp, children learn skills that they will use for life, such as how to get along with others, taking responsibly for ones actions, decision making, building independence, cooperation, respect for self and others and meeting the challenges of working in a group.

We Think Emotional Safety is Just As Important As Physical Safety
Safety is our number one priority in camp! Everything in the driving program is intentional in maintaining high standards for safety. We simply don’t take risks in this area. At Camp Motorsport, we take safety a step further, with an equally strong focus on emotional safety.

Although we are a very cool, racing oriented program, with lots of folks who “have a need for speed”, our focus first and foremost is on the quality of attention, support and care that each individual child receives while attending. We create an environment that supports the physical and emotional safety and well-being of each participant, and staff help ensure that campers are connected to other campers, accepted, and that no one is isolated.

Our driving instructional activities are conducted in a manner where campers are given freedom to try and learn without worrying about failure, and which promotes the self-esteem of each participant, ensures emotional security, and empowers campers to achieve their goals. We create opportunities for each camper to be recognized for their own individual accomplishments and to experience individual success while at camp.

Staff are selected for their character, maturity, caring attitude, and ability to focus on the well-being of the campers, in addition to their skills and abilities in instruction, and deliver activities in a manner that focuses on the physical and emotional safety of the participants, is appropriate for the age of the campers, and meets the needs of participants.


We Provide Education in Racing….Beyond Driving
Remember how we said we are looking to develop the whole person, not just their driving skills?
While at camp, campers participate in a wide variety of racing-related activities, designed to be a motivator for when they return to school, improve their health and well-being, as well as expose them to career opportunities in the world of motorsports, beyond being the driver…