Learning Opportunities


Your child will have a LOT of fun while at camp! But, just between us grownups, know that Camp Motorsport is MUCH more than recreational….we are also educational. Beyond the “need for speed”, Camp Motorsport is not only a serious racing instructional environment, but has all of the great life-skills development of a traditional summer camp, as well as some academic aspects that may help your child succeed in school, or even figure out a career path….

TEAM BUILDING: Racing is a team sport. The success of the driver depends on how well the entire team works together. Cooperation, learning how to develop relationships and work closely with others is critical to the success of the team. While at camp, each camper is provided with opportunities to learn and practice behaviors that are designed to increase their ability to build relationships with others. From simply being nice to the other people in the garage, to working together as a well-oiled machine to get a job done, building relationships is not only key to racing success, but also to success in life!

SAFE DRIVING EDUCATION: For most people, driving is something that they will do just about every day for the duration of their adult life. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for American teenagers. At Camp Motorsport, we want to help reduce those numbers. The camp’s program focus is on driving education, using curriculum designed to help kids become better, safer drivers. Instruction focuses on precision and confidence building, where young drivers learn safe handling dynamics, such as proper hand position, visual focus, and defensive driving, including exercises in braking, lane changes, accident avoidance and driving on various road conditions, all designed to help youth develop safe driving habits.

LIFE SKILLS IN A GROUP SETTING: Through living away from home in a small group setting, campers learn skills they will use the rest of their lives.  Most notably; how to get along with others, taking responsibly for ones actions, decision making, building independence, cooperation, learning respect for self and others, and meeting the challenges of group living. Each camper participates in the group decision making process, and shared responsibilities of the team, such as cleaning the table after a meal, keeping their living area clean, and completing team-tasks for program activities. Campers also share in leadership responsibilities, such as planning short program activities for campfire, and taking turns as the team’s “crew chief “.

APPLIED MATH & SCIENCE: No, not the boring stay-in-your seat-with-a-book classroom stuff… This is cool, real hands-on stuff that campers will use everyday, like applying resistance and drag in figuring out the aerodynamics to making the car go faster. And, for kids who struggle in a traditional classroom, the type of instruction and learning styles used at camp may not only be the key to helping them learn these types of abstract concepts, but also a motivator for when they return to the classroom in the fall!

PHYSICAL HEALTH & WELLNESS: Drivers and crew are competitive athletes who must have strength, speed, and agility. Driver’s bodies have to be able to endure heat, mental strain, and all kinds of physical pressure, as well as having fast reaction times, great coordination, and immense endurance and concentration. While at camp, campers are encouraged to develop healthy lifestyle habits, and are provided with a variety of choices in physical activities, such as swimming, soccer, basketball, etc., as well as a variety of games and other fun activities, to participate in. Additionally, as meals are served buffet-style, each camper selects his or her own food at each meal, and are encouraged to make healthy choices.

RACING-TECHNOLOGY-BASED ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: We are committed to helping our campers learn to be responsible citizens of the natural world through technology, exploring such topics as alternative fuels, fuel efficiency, and applied science to better use resources and protect the environment. Through the use of racing-related environmental education, we strive to help each camper learn strategies that can help to reduce the human impact on the natural world.