Driver Programs

Camp Motorsport offers 1-Week Sessions starting on Sundays and ending on Saturday. each camper has a minimum of two behind-the-wheel driving sessions every day! Driving sessions include daily off-road dirt karting, and daily driving on the paved tracks, driving both the Sodi karts and the Baja buggies. Campers may also drive the dirt oval using specific dirt karts.



  • Daily Driving – minimum of twice daily, off-road and paved!
  • Daily Swimming
  • Motorsports-related Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
  • Recreational Activities
  • Plus the additional activities as listed for the specific program selected below



For Girls & Boys, Ages 9-17 – Offered in 1-Week Sessions

Our signature program – The premier race car & kart driving sports specialty summer camp! Are you ready to hear those famous words in motorsports, “Drivers Start YourEngines!”? Then get ready to take command of the wheel and experience the thrill first hand as you drive our racing go karts and off road karts yourself! Our instructors will help you learn to master the track – learning to read the driving line, applying acceleration & deceleration, and precision maneuvers – which will allow you to go fast and remain in control. Camper-drivers get to experience driving on multiple surfaces, including the various off-road dirt tracks, off-road woods trails, obstacle course, dirt-cross course, dirt oval, and multiple asphalt tracks!For every kid who has ever dreamed about racing…now make your dreams reality at Camp Motorsport!




Enrollment is limited to returning Camp Motorsport campers
Girls & Boys, Ages 12-17 – Offered in select 1-week sessions

Specifically designed for experienced Camp Motorsport campers who are serious about racing, including those possibly considering a career in
motorsport, and motorsports-related sciences. Activities include more in-depth exposure to engineering, motorsports-related math & science, and motorsports career exploration. Also, for teens ages 14-16, driving instruction includes a stronger emphasis on defensive driving and “street driving” skills as teens prepare to get their learner’s permits and licenses.

Campers must have attended at least one prior week-long session at Camp Motorsport prior to enrolling in this program. Campers who are new to Camp Motorsport may attend Advanced Driver Development as their 2nd week of two back-to-back sessions in the same summer (Camp Motorsport Driver as first week and Advanced Driver Development as second week)

Total driving seat time is the same as the “regular” camper sessions. However, the instruction is designed to meet the needs of skilled camper diver. The remainder of the “general” program -such as swimming, etc.-is the same as the regular session.

Please note that returning campers may enroll in the regular camp program, which includes driving progression and challenge for the returning camper, and are not limited to only the advanced driver development program.




A program for experienced returning Camp Motorsports campers, ages 11-17, which includes competitive go-kart racing! Campers must have attended at least TWO prior weeks at Camp Motorsport. No exceptions will be made for those coming from other racing/driving programs

For returning campers who would like to participate in wheel-to-wheel competitive go-kart racing while attending camp. Although, traditionally, Camp Motorsport is a non-competitive environment, we do recognize the value of challenging ones skills against others as an instructional tool. In keeping with the camps operational philosophy, we do not endorse a win-at-all-costs philosophy, and racing activities will be conducted in a manner which promotes the self-esteem of each participant, ensures emotional security, and empowers campers to achieve their goals. As with all of our programs, campers will continue to be encouraged to improve their driving skills and judge their performance on their own progress, in addition to comparing their skills to others in competitive activities.

Total seat time is the same as all other programs, with each camper driving a minimum of two behind-the-wheel sessions every day- one session in the off-road dirt karts and one session of go-karting. Go karting will include competitive wheel-to-wheel racing, in addition to instructional behind the wheel time. This program also includes all of the regular camp activities, such as daily swimming, paintball, Motorsports-related Science, Technology, Engineering & Math, and general recreational activities.